Changing Sort Order on Apple TV

Is there a way to change the sort order from ascending to descending in Apple TV?


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Sorry but currently there isn’t a way to change the sort order from ascending to descending.

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Thank you! I hope the feature is added in an update one day. Any tip on how to stay in touch when a new feature is released?

Sure!, you can keep an eye on this post which is constantly updated for upcoming new features

And this for what’s been added on recent releases

You can sort by name of the movie or episode, or by filename, or by date of publication. Renaming the files might do the trick, but then you need to look up the movies yourself.

One feature that I would like to see, is to have support for something like a file (sort.txt) where you can put the contents of a directory in a specific order without the need to rename the files.

Example with order and filename:
1;Captain America: The First Avenger.mp4
2;Captain Marvel.mkv
3;Iron Man.mkv
4;Iron Man 2.m4v

Example with list name, order and filename:
Marvel Chronological;1;Captain America: The First Avenger.mp4
Marvel Chronological;2;Captain Marvel.mkv
Marvel Chronological;3;Iron Man.mkv
Marvel Chronological;4;Iron Man 2.m4v

Marvel Release Date;1;Iron Man.mkv
Marvel Release Date;2;The Incredible Hulk.mkv
Marvel Release Date;3;Iron Man 2.m4v
Marvel Release Date;4;Thor.mkv

I already renamed the files but by default, Infuse sorts them in ascending order without the ability to change it to descending order.

+1 for various sorting additions