Changing regions in App Store cancels subscription

Hi all,

Recently located within Europe. I’ll lose my subscription to Infuse pro by changing region in the App Store. I want to continue to support my favourite player and wish to enquire is there a solution that means I’m not paying twice?

Thank you

You shouldn’t lose it. I have two accounts on my Apple TV. A Canadian one which hosts my regular stuff including my Infuse subscription and a second US one that I use to subscribe to Hulu and HBO Now. Both subscriptions are available from both accounts. I have a similar setup on my iPhone. I have no idea what happens if you change your region permanently of your primary account.

Thanks for that, I’ve checked the status and sure enough if I switch region I’m informed of all subscriptions being cancelled in the original region.

That would mean I’d need to resubscribe from the new region and effectively pay twice, my renewal has just processed as of November 26th. The message states I can still access it up to the same date this year so my question is will I still get updates during my active period or do I need a second subscription for the new region?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to transfer subscriptions between App Stores, but if you are able to PM me a copy of your iTunes receipt I can send over a promo code you can use for your new region (since your subscription was just renewed).

Thanks James.

Hi James,

Thank you. This is resolved.

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