Changing movie version in mid-play?

Was watching a movie tonight that had a 4K and a 1080p version. I initially selected 4K but after a while I realized the file was bad (stuttered). I wanted to jump to the 1080p version but I couldn’t figure out how. I eventually stopped the movie, went to my server to move the file to a Plex non-searchable location and start the movie back up. It smoothly switched over, but the process of getting there was too hard. Is there an easier way?

Not currently but a solution should be pretty close. There’s a version selection coming in the next scheduled release of Infuse.

You can also see the other features coming here.

Also, if you’re using Plex’s version select you can long-press the Play button to choose a different version.

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My bad, I had read in another of the OPs posts where they had dropped Plex for Infuse but they may have meant they dropped the Plex player only.

Thanks for the catch. :wink: