changing menu items?


I wonder. Is there a way to change the menu in Apple TV?
Like to have “music” at the top, and “my music” at the top of the subfolder etc.

If anyone else has a better solution then please post it, but this is how I did it. I was only able to get Music into the third slot, not the very top. I tried and tried, but XBMC and Movies stayed above it no matter how much I changed the values. Either way, this is what I did:

  1. I opened up Fugu and went to / > System > Library > CoreServices > > Contents > Plugins > Music.frappliance > Contents and moved the Info.plist to my Home folder on the Mac.
  2. I opened up the Info.plist file with TextEdit and went all the way to the bottom of the page. I changed the


  1. After saving the file, I went back to Fugu and moved the edited Info.plist to the / > Users > frontrow folder. You can not move it back to the Contents folder due to not having the correct permissions.
  2. Closed Fugu and opened up Terminal in the Utilities folder on the Mac. In Terminal I first typed this, keep in mind you need to put in your own IP address.
  1. Enter frontrow as the password. Once in the AppleTV type this and frontrow is the password. Be sure to press enter after every command.
sudo mv Info.plist /System/Library/CoreServices/
sudo chown root:admin /System/Library/CoreServices/
sudo chmod 0775 /System/Library/CoreServices/
sudo killall Finder
  1. Once the Apple logo goes away on the AppleTV you should see Music in the third slot.

I hope this was easy enough to follow, this is not for the lighthearted user though, it does require commands that can screw up your AppleTV is not done exactly as typed. If this is so important to you then go ahead and try it, there is no easier way that I can see. Just putting in the warnings just in case. :wink:

wow… nice work. But for me a little too risky.

Thx anyway.