Changing menu items and order

Using atv flash black can I change the menu items, their order or at least make them more user friendly. The Apple TV currently is setup as gateway to the Apple Store, and the menu is focused on this. I would like to limit the button presses needed to access my local content, in other words avoid the hierarchy.


My local content is stored on a NAS, and I would like to make its play easier to access. I don’t currently have either an Apple TV or the ATV flash, and only have tried it out in-store, so inform me of some misunderstanding of how the unit would work.


Ideally I would like to have menu items similar to the Apple TV’s for Movies and TV Shows that would allow be quick access to my content, TV Shows>(Select TV show, or playlist) vs Media>MyFiles>MyNas (based on Firecore Video, or other similar menus, such as video player>video library). I would also accept adding local content submenus to existing menu items. I understand if this may not be possible. Also I don;t know if having my iTunes library on the NAS makes any difference, it is also the content I will be accessing.



Some of the normal AppleTV options can be hidden through the Settings --> General --> Parental Controls menu.

Hiding of other menus may be available in a future version of aTV Flash (black).

i appreciate the reply,


so does this mean there is no way make the navigation to network content without going through several sub-menus? I have continued looking this up, I guess what I am trying to do is maybe have a menu similar to the Apple 1G Take 3, where My Movies, or Tv shows or whatever would access my media stored on my NAS. I am not looking for exactly this setup, but something like it that will make navigation short and simple.


Something like the following

Movies>My Movies

TV Shows>My TV Shows


Movies (One Click leads to listing of my movies on NAS)

TV Shows (One Click leads to listing of my TV Series on NAS)




I also noticed something about favorites. Any explanation what this is and how this works?

 Favorites is a feature of the Firecore Media player.   If when you are on a share/folder combination, you hold down the OK button on the Apple Remote, a menu pops up that alllows you to set this up as a favorite.    This allows faster navigation to this point as favorites are shown at one of the top level menus of the Media player. As an example I have set up favourites for “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Music” all of which go to the same NAs share, but to different folders within it.

Something else one can do if you have installed NitoTV and via that the Overflow app is re-arrange the standard AppleTV menus a little.   Overflow is then installed as a top level menu item abd then it allows you to promote any item to a top level menu, and also to make any existing menu sub-menu within the Overflow menu.

I understand that one can also do clever things with arranging the menus by connecting to the ATV via SSH and editing the underlying plist files for the various apps, but this is not something that I have tried.

What itimpi posted above is correct. Favorites provide quick access to shared folders and Overflow can be used to combine multiple menus into one.

E.G. Movies and TV Shows can both appear under the Overflow menu.

The ability to hide/show the standard menus is available on the 1st gen AppleTV via aTV Flash, and will most likely be available on the 2nd gen version soon.