Changing file name


I have a question about changing files names and changing the names of the folder the file and its subtitles are in.

Currently, I have a Dropbox folder called Infuse, and inside it, I have two folders: ORGANIZED and RECENT. The ORGANIZED folder contains all of the folders renamed in a specific format (i.e. "• Robert Altman • Nashville), and of course, the the videos/subtitles are in their respective folders.

I mostly use Infuse through playlists I have created in the app.

So, whenever a files finishes downloading, it is sent to the RECENT folder for me to rename them afterwards. It is my understanding that if I put any of those RECENT files in an Infuse playlist, I’d have to re-add them to that playlist after moving them to the ORGANIZED folder.

However, I wanted to ask about an alternate method: If I just sent all my recently downloaded files to the ORGANIZED folders for me to rename them afterwards, and I added them to a playlist on Infuse, would they still be there after I changed the folder’s or the file’s name (I change the file names only when it’s not in the right metadata format).

Thank you very much!

I’m pretty sure that once you change the file names Infuse will look at it as a new file.

Why not just do the name change before you put it in the folders that Infuse looks at?

Thanks for the reply! I just did a test, and what I’ve noticed is that if the folder is just random text, Infuse will use the file name as metadata, and vice versa. However, if you change any digit of the folder name afterwards, the file you placed in the playlist won’t be played. But if infuse used the folder name as metadata, you can change the file name afterwards to a random text. (although I just tested this once, so I’m not sure it works out).

The reason I don’t change before is because I have a huge list of files in my RECENTS folder right now that I’d love to start watching and cataloguing. Renaming them will take a day or two, so I wondered if it would be possible to already import them into the ORGANIZED folder, add them to playlists, and rename them at some other time. But I get why the system works this way. No problem.

It would be nice though if the Playlists were linked to a metadata instead of a file. So that it’d know Spider-Man (2002) is in the SUPERHERO playlists. So even if I delete that movie or rename it or change its location inside of Dropbox, if it ever came back (and infuse recognized it as Spider-Man (2002), it would put it back into that playlist. But of course, I don’t even know if that’s even possible.