Changing External Hard Drives - three questions

Hi all

Hoping someone can help me with these three question.  I am thinking of buying a new 2Tb drive to attach to my AppleTV.  I currently have a 1Tb drive that is getting close to full.  My questions are:

(1) Anyone with any experience want to mention any pitfalls when they did this?

(2) Best way to move ALL the media from the 1Tb to the 2Tb?  I'm guessing attach both to the computer and leave it transferring over night?

(3) If I just unplug the 1Tb and move the media to the 2Tb with exactly the same file structure will AppleTV still think it is the old connection or will I have to go through the mounting process again?



Is your 1TB drive being used for iTunes storage? If so, your best option will be to revert to the internal drive, attach the new 2TB drive and setup the new drive through the Maintenance ---> Settings menu.

In summary:

  1. Sync all media back to iTunes.
  2. Revert to internal storage in Maintenance ---> Settings.
  3. Connect new drive (ensure it's formatted in Mac OS or FAT32 format).
  4. Switch to external storage Maintenance ---> Settings.
  5. Resync media with iTunes (this is done best over a wired ethernet connection).

Thanks for your response Max.  I use the internal storage for all my "real" iTunes stuff (all my music plus any video bought from the apple store).  I use the external drive for my converted dvd collection.  What I want to do is move all the data from the 1Tb to the (as yet unpurchased) 2Tb drive.

Problem with doing what Max mentioned:

ITUNES will erase any movies you move out of your ITUNES.  So be careful of making changes.


Correct. If any files have been removed from iTunes, they will also be removed from the AppleTV during the next sync.

Thanks for the responses but I don't think my question has been answered.  First of all everything on my external drive has NOTHING to do with iTunes.  it is my DVD's that I have previously bought (mainly tv shows) that I have ripped and placed on there using cyberduck.  My iTunes stuff is currently, and will stay on the internal drive and syncs with my computer.


My plan is to buy a 2Tb drive and move EVERYTHING from the 1TB drive to the 2TB and then use the 1Tb for something else (i.e. I will only have the 2TB drive attached to my appleTV.

My questions:

I think the quickest way to do this is to have both drives attached to my computer and transfer from A to B.  Does anyone have a better idea?

Once the transfer is done and I connect the 2TB drive to the AppleTV will it need to be "reconnected" with the AppleTV in a software sense or will the AppleTV not realise that it is now a different hard drive attached (given the structure of the media will be the same)?



See Attached.

Good Luck! 


Thank you Rick.  Exactly what I needed.  I'm off to start right now!


Really, we pay $50 for software and its so full of bugs!!!???  Endless pages and pages of “solutions” while it’s just supposed to bloody work!!

You’ve been a member for two years and this is your first post!?! –  VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!


What other software offers free updates for two years dealing with all sorts of new ways to improve the now obsoleted AppleTV Classic with a great user-base Support Forum?  When you find it – GO THERE!!