Changes in the Forum


  1. Can you put Announcements in the main page, rather than on each sub forum?
    There are four threads in the announcements, and they take up precious real estate on the limited
    browser page.

  2. Can you provide a link to recent posts at the header of this forum?
    That would help members to take a look at all the latest posts on one single page.


Admins, Can you respond?

I don’t have the power myself to do this. I can move posts around to current sections but can’t do what you want. I’ll let aTV Flash know and see if he is able to do what you ask.

You’re right…the announcement list has gotten a little long.

Just cut the number of global announcements in half.

Thanks ATVFlash!

Does this forum software(phBB) allow to have “Todays” Or “Recent posts” link?
I know other forum software like vbb has that and its useful to click on one link to get updates from all forums in one shot.