Changes in priorities

Funny how on their new update they removed sorting and now they removed multiple filters from planned features. Infuse going backwards.

I agree with what you are saying but offering my own possible explanation.

This seems like the sort of thing that would fit with their 8.0 design refresh. That, I’m afraid might take several months or longer of development and testing depending on how complicated it is. Along with fixing direct mode, and doing visionOS, we are probably looking at more than 6 months away. I’m guessing James didn’t want to commit to so many specific items that far away anymore. Clearly direct mode took a lot longer than anyone expected and the original scope was far too big. Maybe trying to prevent that again.

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You’re not wrong, but at least there’s a solution finally. As soon as Plex Collections are supported, you can go create smart filters across like 20 attributes and mix and match them with logic. This will likely be more functional than whatever James would have built. Still, I agree, the product shouldn’t depend on Plex for basic features. A win for power users, but a huge miss for 80%+ of the user base probably.

Not sure why they would have take away “planned” status if you’re right. Feels like it was demoted fully off the roadmap.

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I’m not willing to go that far; but they’re definitely standing still on the long-neglected issues and omissions with native Infuse that many of us have been waiting on appropriate fixes and updates for for literally years.

8.0 is currently slated for Vision Pro, Multi-User, and “Design Refreshes”.

We KNOW that no more than one of those things will actually make the initial release; and only at a very limited feature set which will need to be followed up with .1, .2, .3, .4 (etc.) releases.

I’m predicting 8.0 will be almost all Vision Pro and that Multi-User will once again be pushed back at least another 6 months beyond the eventual late 2024 release of 8.0 … so to Q2 of 2025 at the earliest … if ever. And even then, it will likely only work with Plex, because the tvOS volatile cache problem isn’t going anywhere.

I wonder whatever happened to Firecore’s announcing they were finally rewriting Infuse’s underlying UI and database elements such that programming features like additional per-category and folder sort-orders and the use of multiple filters concurrently could finally be added?

Those efforts have appeared to be scrapped in order that Firecore could pursue weaving two brand new, incredibly complex projects into the existing, and by Firecore’s own admission, long overgrown and functionally obsolete code base.

… But not longer than should have been expected, based on every previous precedent in Firecore’s entire history of development. :man_shrugging:t2:

They did hire an additional developer recently, so that should help speed things up a bit compared to past history

I do indeed hope that helps.

James never did answer how much the additional staffer increased Firecore’s available daily or weekly person-coding hours by (10%? 100%??), so I guess we’ll have to see how long it takes them to respond to current firestorm of feedback on 7.7.

Indeed. :confounded:

You all remember how excited I was 9 months ago when THIS was the announced to-do list?

[Edited a few times to insert and get the current status of the then-promised updates correct. Just 2 out of the 10 released to date; with 1 core feature now completely removed from the roadmap entirely :cry:.]


He just promised VisionOS support for 8.0.

Many moons ago, I think it was around Infuse 3 or 4, James mentioned (If my memory serves me correctly) there were around 8-10 members of staff (some part time). Around half of them were involved in non-development work (finances, legal, support, etc) and there were about 4-5 people doing development and testing.

Now that was some time ago, and I might be remembering thing incorrectly, and things may have changed significantly in the mean time. But I think it gives you an idea of the likely size of the team.

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I just think it’s a little bit unfair that the „Apple Vision Pro“ App is now prioritized. Even though there are relatively few interested users. And the other things we’ve been fighting for Years have been left undone or even get completely canceled :frowning:


A bit of shiny object syndrome, but I get it, sometimes creators have to chase the dopamine to stay excited. FireCore isn’t some big company. I can imagine having an AVP and owning a company that makes the best home theater library/playback software and feeling a really strong pull to see the app ported over, just for personal satisfaction, even if there aren’t many users or revenue that will come of it in the next 24 months.

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I have a love/hate relationship with Infuse for the same reason.

Some companies take a long time to realize how important “fan service” is for lack of a better term. While derogatory in media, “fan service” is what separates great companies from mediocre ones.

Firecore started as a company that was at its core, grassroots, providing Infuse when it was in grey status as something that you sideloaded onto an Apple TV. For that reason, Firecore has credibility and we tend to give the team a lot of slack.

If it’s true that Firecore will eventually redesign the app and that is the reason it is holding off on implementing features that should have been done many versions ago, then that’s fine, but then the owner should state that this is the case.

Instead, we are here on the message board speculating about what they are doing, which goes against the way they’ve always done business.

Firecore’s values should be of transparency, accountability and responsibility. If they adopted that, even at this late stage, all the credibility would come roaring back.


Yup, you pretty much nailed it Rob. Firecore came into its own when it took on the task of providing a workable solution vs the extremely pathetic attempt made by Plex and their plexapp for the newly introduced appleTV. Firecore has demonstrated on numerous occasions over the past years their ability to be easily swayed into working on what ever is new while basically ignoring some long standing issues that have been repeatedly brought to their attention. Their justifications for doing so are kept to themselves. As of today they have a very large user base and you read more and more from people being frustrated that existing features are not being fixed/refined. The user base for the AVPro is extremely small and while I’m sure it’s a cool thing for programmers to work on, this is NOT what any well managed company would allow their programming efforts to be focused upon.

IMO Firecore is at a very crucial point in their existence. If they continue their repeatedly demonstrated course, their reputation will quickly deteriorate & finances will start to dry up. This is a known cycle that kills off many well intentioned businesses when they get distracted in their plans. Since providing input on exiting issues has shown to not be effective, all we can do is sit back and watch.

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Yeah that’s definitely not gonna happen whilst the Plex app on Apple TV is so broken.


Yup. Firecore isn’t going anywhere and as long as existing features continue to work passably well enough I’m not going anywhere either … but damn, it sure is frustrating they’ve seemingly got the attention span of goldfish when it comes to actually delivering on the items they regularly add to their published update schedules.

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