Changed behavior in latest update - bugs?

Hi James,

two things I found to be different since the latest update (4.3):

  • “quick double tap top/bottom to skip to top/bottom of poster view” does not work any more with the Apple TV remote control (still works with my universal programmable remote though)
  • the sorting algorithm apparently now considers “The” also for sorting. Please change this again back to the old behavior (or add an option), so that “The” is being ignored for sorting


double-tap to quick jump to top/bottom, still works for me. apple tv remoter.

Thanks for the hint, no I understood the difference between double click and double tap. :slight_smile:

The changed sorting behavior persists for me, though. Does someone see the same?

May help with the sort problem with files starting with “The”

Thanks for the hint.
But apparently this affects “Movies” only. The sort order for “TV Shows” takes a “The” into account, and “sort by filename” is obviously ignored there.
BTW: I am using Library mode for both movies and tv shows.
Does somebody else see the same behavior?