Change WebDAV depth from 1 to Infinity

Hey all, I have been battling Infuse’s webDAV client lately. The issue is that Infuse only likes surface level videos, and will not even attempt to go deeper into a folder. Sure you can change the webDAV path to the specific folder, but what if there are more folders inside the folder? It doesn’t feel logical to me. I have been testing it for the past few hours. I have documented most of it on this issue, Doesn't work with Infuse App · Issue #316 · mar10/wsgidav · GitHub which has logs and things of other clients working fine with my webDAV but Infuse failing, due to it’s reluctance to dive into folder depths.

Other clients use depth=infinity, while Infuse constantly uses depth=1. This is true on all platforms, on the latest version. iOS app, Mac, and Apple TV. Really frustrating that Infuse isn’t acting like a normal webDAV client. I don’t see any reason to stay surface level, and I also think this would be an easy fix as well.

For now, I will just have to return the deeper files using my custom webDAV server, but my users will have no way for their media to be organized. I would really love for this to be fixed.


Can you describe what you are hoping to achieve or what Infuse is not doing for you currently?

If browsing via folders, Infuse will generally show you the normal folder structure. If you happen to have a folder which contains a single video, it may ‘flatten’ that folder into a playable item - thus showing the folder as a movie instead of a folder.

If you are browsing in the library, browsing will be done using categories and filters, such as All Movies, By Year, By Rating, etc…

Getting media from inside folders, but keeping folder structure. If it is a TV show with lots of different files, I would like to keep structure. Sure, if there is only one media in the folder, then sure flatten it, but Infuse simply doesn’t go into the folders to look for content. It simply sees the folder, and says, “Okay that’s as far as I want to go” and just shows the folder as a file rather than what it is, a folder.

Like I explained above, the issue is that Infuse only requests from the webDAV server a depth of 1, so if there is media deeper than 1 folder, then it stops. Obviously if there is deeper media, then that is an issue.

We are planning to add a few additional options in this area, and you can follow these threads for updates.

That’s great, but like I said earlier, I don’t think you understand the core issue here. Infuse doesn’t even know to there is media inside the folder! I don’t have an issue with flattening. The problem is that for webDAV specifically, Infuse doesn’t go deeper into the folders and search for media. It doesn’t, else it would flatten my folders and just show the media inside.

The topic is about the Infuse webDAV client not seeing deeper media inside subfolders. This is the issue I want to be fixed. Not flattening folders.