Change TV show scraped artwork

I have a few kids TV shows in my library, one of which is Shaun The sheep.

The problem I have is that the cover artwork scraped is from the French version - Shaun Le Mouton, not the English - as I assume it scrapes the first image it finds.
Is there any way to change the artwork when viewing from favourites or lists?

I’ve tried adding a folder.jpg in to the directory, but that is only visible when browsing using file/folder view which I have now removed from the home screen in preference of favourites and lists.

Can I override the fetched metadata at all?
It would be really nice to be able to select which artwork I want the library to display when it picks something I don’t want.


Which language is your Apple TV set to?

By default, Infuse will work to fetch metadata in the language which matches the Apple TV. However, you can override this by adjusting the Metadata language option found in Infuse > Settings.

If you want to override the artwork manually (series, season, episode), you can do this by organizing your shows into folders and adding artwork in specific places. More info on how this works can be found here.