Change the poster of a collection and more

hello, new on apple tv and on infuse pro, I want to know if we can change the poster of a collection (for the saga “the purge” I have a Russian poster? And also I have films well scanned but with the wrong title and displays eg Mad max 3 thunder dome which is displayed mad max fury road thank you for your answers

sorry for my english i’m french user pro :wink:

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One thing you may try is temporarily setting the Metadata language option (found in Settings) to English, and then long-pressing on the collections poster to refresh artwork. This should download English version, as unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is a French version available at this time.

Alternatively, you can create a free account at TMDb and upload a French poster for this collection (The Purge Collection — The Movie Database (TMDb)). Once the poster has been added, it will be available to apps like Infuse within a day or two, and you can long-press on the collection’s artwork to update it.

If you have the possibility you can set up a Plex Server and connect it to Infuse. This will allow you to easily maintain Metadata via Plex but still getting the advantages of the internal Infuse Video Player.

hello, thank you for the solutions, I will use TMDb as correction.For Plex Server on my Nas it’s slow enough to scan my library (asustor as202) Thank you for your help
On the other hand no idea for the problem of recognition of film (mad max 2) for example?

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