Change the Date Infuse uses for "Recently Added" lists

Infuse currently uses the modified/created dates of a file to determine where a new file goes in the “Recently Added” lists for both TV shows and Movies.

Infuse used to use the date that the file was first seen by Infuse but on a new install of Infuse the initial list would be a reverse alphabetical ordered list of the first scan so it was changed to the modified/created date. While this is an undesirable result it only affects the very first time you add mass files to Infuse.

Now if you’re file was created say a few days or a week before others you add it will be further down or even off the Recently added lists even though you actually added it last.

Can we get Infuse to changed back to the “First Seen By Infuse” date for “Recently Added” lists on both TV shows and Movies?