Change subtitles font typeface (macOS Big Sur)

Hello, how can I change the subtitles font type in Infuse for macOS (Big Sur)?

The users guide may help.

No. It doesn’t help. I know how to do that on iPhone and Apple TV but not on my MacBook.

Did you click on the gear like the users guide said? Did you click on advanced options after you clicked on the gear?

Yes. In the menu I don’t see the option to change the font type.

Do you have subtitles for your video?

You’ll need to select the subtitles before you can change the type.
Go to gear
Click on Advanced and scroll down to the subtitle section

Click where it says subtitles/none and select the one you want.

Then you should see the options available to change the font type there. Size, color, weight, background, etc.

Of course I have the subtitles. Can you show me exactly where I can change the font type? I see other options like size, colour, weight etc. but not type.

Those are changes to the type. Are you wanting to change the typeface? If so I don’t think that’s doable. It may depend on the format of the subtitle file.

What is it that you can’t change on the type that makes it difficult to read?

I meant the typeface, sorry. Then I guess this option is completely missing in the macOS version. But why?

Not sure, but maybe @james could chime in on this if I’m missing a step somewhere.

I’ve just always had good luck with what was standard and only needed to tweak the background or color now and then.

It is just strange that this option is there in the iOS and tvOS versions and not in macOS.
There must be a specific reason, I don’t think they just forgot to add it.

My guess is that I don’t think you can delete the base fonts on iOS or tvOS but you can on MacOS so that variable may cause problems if someone either deletes or exchanges the basic fonts on MacOS. Just a wild guess though.

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