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Is there a way to remove / change the automatically assigned metadata for content downloaded to the infuse iPad App?
I have some presentations from the WWDC and they are getting some strange names :slight_smile:

„237_hd_building_custom_views_with_swiftui.mp4“ will get the name „Room 237“ when trying to change the metadata using „Edit metadata“ the only choice I see is to select some other random movies.

Is there a way to just show the filename?

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To do this for few specific files, you can tap the Edit metadata option found under the ‘3 dots’ menu when viewing the video details. Once there, you can choose the ‘none, use embedded metadata’ option and Infuse will generate metadata from the file itself, instead of attempting to match it with a movie or TV show.

This can also be done for folders by navigating inside a folder, tapping the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner, and selecting ‘Use Local Metadata’.

If you want to do this for ALL files, you can disable ‘Metadata Fetching’ in Settings General.

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Thanks, I was confused by the label color for “Embedded Metadata” (it is gray witch looks like disabled).

There is no option to use local meta data for TV series that are in a single folder without season number (Season 1, Season 2) sub-folders.

TV Shows/The Office

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

In the above example, if you remove the Season folders and just dump all the correctly named files (matched to TheTVDB) in TV Show/The Office, there is no option to use local metadata. This normally isn’t a problem because most of the time we are using season sub-folders, but I have encountered a few exceptions in my attempts to organize files.

For instance, I get no cover art in Library view if I do the following:

TV Shows/Das Boot

Season 1

If I dump the 6 Das Boot (1985) episodes into the folder Das Boot without a Season 1 sub-folder, then I do get cover art in Library view (it’s the wrong cover art from the German 2018 series, but at least it’s something to look at). However, there’s no option to use local metadata then. Even though Das Boot (1985) is a 6-part TV series, the geniuses at TheTVDB decided it isn’t and it’s listed now only at TheMovieDB, which Infuse doesn’t scrape for TV shows. Elvis Presley: The Searcher (Two-Part TV series) is another example.

TheTVDB is going to keep doing this sort of thing and cause more metadata problems until Infuse allows us the option to force metadata from TheMovieDB for individual files/folders.

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