Change recently watched shelf to favorites and recently watched shelf?


A very nice setup you are working on, it adds the whole pleasure of the apple tv a bunch what you have done already so fare. And as poosed to XMBC it feels integrated into the total look and feel of the Apple TV2 setup - thanks for it and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Let me say as a “Recently watched” shelf the shelf for “Media”(player) technically also works just fine :slight_smile:

BUT it seems at least to me with a few twists it could be even better and improve the pleasure and easy of use.

A little background: I use my Apple TV2 for the kids in the house and they like to see the same and the same, but at the same time the adults in the house also wants to see things… but different things… all in all the different things can not stay in the “recently watched” list withou some intelligence (a kind of “pinning” feature).


  1. It would be nice if it was possible to “pin” certain films to the “shelf” so they do not get expired but does stay on the top list (=currently known as the “Recently Watched” list) .

  2. It might even be nice to use the top list to pin folders so for instance the kids folders (including subfolders) are easily accessed via the “top list”(right now known as “Recently Watched” shelf).

ALTERNATIVE to 2 could be:

2 a: Instead of “Just” having “My Files” it could be nice to mark some folders under a NAS device which could be added. Currently I see it as you can only add an “IP” (being a NAS, PC or somethign else), but you can not add a “path” so it is easy to access direcly deep into a filestructure.


ALTERNATIVE to 2a could be:

2 b: Be able to ad shares directly to the “Media” menu, so the Media menu is not “just” “My files” and “Settings” but could be extended (with a limitation?) to contain the favorite shares with fast acces to them?


Please consider implementing this or provide means to be able to do some of it manually :slight_smile:

I guess that was using the “OK” button while browsing folders, so it is implemented sufficiently for me at the moment like optione 2b - thanks :slight_smile:


Btw is there a “complete” manual that I missed and hsoudl read?



So you did find the Favorites option then? :)

If not, you can mark any streamed folder as a Favorite by highlighting it, press/hold select, then choose to add it as a Favorite.

All Favorites will appear in the main menu (under Media) as well as in the Favorites section in My Files.