Change Plex film ratings from USA to UK

Hi guys,

First post here. Is there a way to change the displayed film ratings from US ones to UK ones? i.e R (in the USA) to 18 (in the UK).

I am using infuse on an apple tv with a media server running plex media server as the back end.

I had a search around the forums here and couldn’t find anything on it.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Have you tried Settings > Language > Metadata > Set to “English (United Kingdom)”?

Yes I have. Unfortunately it made no difference.

This must be something you can do with infuse? Not everyone is from the USA?

What do you see in plex?

Also US ratings. Is infuse pulling it from Plex? I thought it used the movie database independent of Plex?

I think infuse pulls all metadata images and details from plex if you have that set up.

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No, that’s not correct, cos I had to adjust a lot of my metadata to match with the movie database when I started using infuse.

All my Plex metadata was correct but when pulled in by infuse, episodes were in the wrong places etc.

Did you add it as a Plex media server under the “Add Media Server” in the shares menu or did you add it as a available connection with SMB, FTP, etc?

What do you see for the rating in the same movies when you use Plex Media Player instead of Infuse?

I have found it! It is driven by plex. You need to go into the particular library in plex, click “edit” then “advanced” and change the ratings country in there. All the posts on reddit etc tell you to change the agent within plex, but that doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help!


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