Change PiP behavior on macOS

Hi @james , any chance that you could change the behavior of PiP, if you’re watching in PiP mode on the Mac, when you want to return, you press the return out of PiP button (the one next to Play/Pause button), shouldn’t the Infuse Window return? It just stays minimized, so in order to pause the video or change to another one I need to open infuse from the dock again. Is it possible for you to change this behavior?

You should be able to pause/play from the (only button in the) PiP window.

After activating PiP, are you manually minimizing the main Infuse window, or hiding the app?

What I think is really strange is quitting Infuse while the PiP player is active. Infuse quits, but the PiP window remains active for ~30 seconds.

Isn’t minimizing the window also hiding it? It minimizes to the Dock right? I’d guess that when I want to exit PiP it should open the Infuse App window.

Infuse 7.3 is now available and includes a number of improvements in this area.

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