Change path of a favorite folder


I have an issue with my router. It changes the name of my external hard drive at every reboot.
The name is for example usb58 and when I restart the router the name becomes usb59.
So all my media library is gone. I can recreate it from scratch but I have to reapply all the changes such as choosing the correct picture, this is a nightmare.
It would be so good to be able to change the properties of the favorite folder by editing its path (such as in Windows for instance, right click on a shortcut and then we can edit the path).
In that way I would have only to change the path from usb58 to usb59.

Can this be considered for a next update?

Other way would be that Infuse applis the metadata from one file to the same file even if it is in another folder.
For instance, when I recreate a favorite of the same folder, Infuse should detect that the metadata for the files inside already exist in the other favorite and apply the same.

Thank you.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the share paths once they have been set up, but I’m going to move this over to suggestions.