Change of HDR type not updated in video details

I had some TV episodes with regular HDR and they show the "HDR " tag next to the other video details in Infuse.

I replaced the files with identically named episodes but this time containing DV, Infuse was still showing “HDR”. I looked for a refresh button on the episode but couldn’t find one.

A workaround was to rename the files (I appended a couple of characters) and then Infuse refreshed the video info and now shows DV instead of HDR.

Is there a way to force a refresh of the video/audio info?

You want to “Edit Metadata” for those individual items or go to library and “refresh metadata” to do it for all

I though Edit Metadata was just for titles, genres, etc. Not video/audio details.

I’ll try refresh metadata at the library level next time. Thanks.

I have both local content and an Emby library in Infuse. For some reason the Emby content has a Refresh button at the individual episode level, but content added directly to Infuse doesn’t.

Infuse will cache video specs for your files, and these will not be rescanned if files are changed. Scanning file specs is the slowest part of the indexing process, so it would slow down the daily update process quite a bit if the file specs were frequently checked over and over.

If you want to replace files, the easiest option is to delete the old file and give the new file a slightly different file name. This will allow Infuse to treat the file as new, and display the correct specs.

Alternatively, you can use the Edit Metadata option to update a single file, or the Clear All Metadata option to update all files.

Thanks - I tried Edit Metadata and just clicked on the episode name and then I saw the video/audio details refresh.