Change meta data cover and fanart

Hi, it’s possible to change the meta data cover and fanart like in Kodi?
The TheMovieDB and TheTVDB has many covers and fanarts for the same movie and, sometime, I prefer to change them.


I agree that would be nice.

Plus, I’d like to be able to keep original titles. What I mean by that is that I live in France and if I want to use Siri on the Apple TV, the language of the Apple TV must be in French too (if the chosen language is English, I cannot use Siri… it’s very annoying). Infuse shows everything in French automatically and translates the movies titles into the ones used in France (yes, they changed titles sometimes). Even though the files themselves have the original titles for the movies. But from the original titles, Infuse selects the French title and the French cover… That would be nice to have an option to prevent that (to choose between original names/cover and local ones).

Yup, it’s possible here’s a good source to start with.

I’ve read this. I cannot do what I said. It’s only useful if the movie was wrongly detected. But it finds the right movie, not the right title. Or rather there exists different titles for every movie (titles change from a country to another). And I was saying that I’d like to choose to be able to keep the original title from the movie’s country of origin. And for now, it changes. Because I’m located in France, I have the French version of every titles.

I was responding to the original poster. You said you agreed with them also. As to your additional request for multiple sources and languages you may get better traction in your post in the suggestions forum. "Internationalize" Metadata - #3 by morph208

Thank you for your answer.
This is a solution for my request but, to avoid adding xml and jpeg to my movie folder, the edit function like in Kodi can be implemented in future Infuse releases?


You may be better off by placing your suggestion in the suggestions forum. That way more people who are looking for the same thing can chime in.