Change in forward/back behavior during playback?

Sorry if this has been addressed already. I am running the latest version of Infuse on my Apple TV 4K. I use a Logitech harmony hub remote rather that the Apple remote. It seems something has changed in the forward and back functionality during playback. It used to be if I hit right or left during playback, it would jump forward or back several seconds. Now it is jumping a couple minutes forward and back. This is a huge pain. For instance if I miss just one line of dialog and try to skip back 10 seconds or so, it skips back a couple minutes instead. This has effectively rendered Infuse unusable for me. I haven’t figured out a way to just skip back a few seconds besides using the Apple remote.

Check Chapter Control under the Playback settings in Infuse and make sure it’s set to off.

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Thanks, that did it. Funny, I have always had Chapter Control enabled, and it didn’t used to behave like this. Fortunately, you can still select chapters through the top menu with chapter control disabled.

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