Change FPS for Hybrid Remux

I have a 23,976 FPS HDR Source and a 24 FPS DV Source
How do I change the FPS to 23,976 on the DV source to build a Hybrid Remux?
Thank you!

Do you have match rame rate (and match dynamic range) set in the Apple TV settings?

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Just to clarify, you’re asking for what application to use in order to combine the two different frame rate versions into one?

If you have the space I’d just keep both and add some tags to them and let Infuse do the adjustments like @Hitsville said. :wink:

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Yep I completely misread the post :joy:

The HDR File (Blu-ray Source) have a much better encode then the DV web version.
I want the better picture with Dolby Vision.
I now how to get a Hybrid Remux but the problem is the different Frame Rates

Mkvtoolnix can do this. Or the mkvmerge command line tool it’s built on.

Oh really? Didn’t know that thank you!