Change default view at one level only

Thanks guys, Firecore media player is just fantastic.


I keep movies in their own folder:

Media/Movies/The Matrix/The Matrix (1999).avi

Media/Movies/Psycho/Psycho (1960).avi

Media/Movies/Up/Up (2009).avi

I like “List” as the default view set at /Media. But the “Grid” view looks great at /Media/Movies. The problem is I have to manually set “List” view again on every sub-folder (eg. Media/Movies/The Matrix etc). Every new sub-folder must be set (on every AppleTV 2 - I have 2).

Is it possible to override the default view at one level only (/Media/Movies)?



We’ve found there are a lot of folks organizing their media in this way, and are working to improve Media Player to better support them.

The upcoming version will support folder based playback, so based on the movie located at: /Media/Movies/The Matrix/The Matrix (1999).avi, metadata and cover art will be displayed for the /Media/Movies/The Matrix folder, and when clicked will start the playback of the movie contained inside.


That sounds great, but will it play multiple movie files one after another? (e.g. Media/Movies/The Matrix/The Matrix (1999).cd1.avi, then play ~/The Matrix (1999).cd2.avi). I like how XBMC plays subsequent files automatically, but I really like how the UI interacts on media player with appletv menu.




p.s. I don’t really fancy joining all my multiple file films…