Change Custom Collection Artwork

It would be nice to be able to set a custom poster for the new custom collections.


Hopefully this get implemented very soon. Because „Custom Collections“ are still not properly finished this way!


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++++++1 !

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I agree! Please!

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Strongly agree, +1


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Aye, thanks! :slight_smile:

Somehow I forgot. :flushed:

Please please please please please.

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Thread title here recent edited; while the status of the related thread seeking to allow users to change the posters for TMDB collections was recently changed to “planned”. What are we guessing on the current time frame for implementation :crossed_fingers:t3:?

(Personally, this thread’s allowing users to replace the often horrid auto-generated custom collection posters is the far more necessary of the two; but won’t object if both are done at the same time.)

Lol. Well, yeah, but I was more referring to how the items on those lists don’t always make it to production in a purely linear fashion.

I do have to say, if everything currently listed in 7.5.x truly gets some love this month — that’ll be an “Infrastructure Week” Firecore ought fairly be proud of — and it’ll will certainly make a lot of us UI hawks very happy.