Change Collection Cover (Artwork)

Hello together, is it possible to change the collection cover? When I go to change artwork, it does not work. With the films it works, only with sets it is without function. I have already tried the following: Movieset.jpg, Movieset-poster.jpg, Movieset-folder.jpg Set.jpg, Collection.jpg, poster.jpg, folder.jpg, … I also made sure that In each folder of the set the covers are the same.


Is it possible to change the artwork for a Collection? I have looked everywhere on this forum and can’t find the answer.

TMBd has several poster options for the collection artwork I want to change (Jean De Florette and Manon Des Sources), but the default is not the one I’d like to use. I have tried long pressing on the collection to refresh, but it doesn’t cycle to any of the other options. Am I stuck with the default? Thanks.

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Unfortunately, this is not available at this time but may be added in a future update.

Moving to suggestions for now.

OK, thanks for the reply. Loving Infuse, fyi.

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Any updates on the addition of this feature?

Hopefully it is possible soon, because the Suggestion „Custom Collections“ are tagged to „pending“ now. What means that the implementation should be imminent :wink::+1:


Being able to add custom collections is nice, but it’s slightly limited by the lack of ability to choose artwork for the collection. It would be great to be able to choose artwork for any collection.