Change back to the old sorting by filename with folders first

Hello James,

first of all: I love infuse and I am infuse user for years.

But one thing ist so annoying and get me angry for a long time now:

I want the possibility back to sort by filename with folders first.

Why did infuse get this update a few years ago with this strange new option only to sort movies by filename without the option that the folders are on top/first.

Where is the sense to change this after years?

I want my folders (my own collections) first and inside this folder sort movies by filename.

As example:
The Hobbit collection (folder)

  • the Hobbit 1
  • the Hobbit 2
  • the Hobbit 3

All the time this was the right solution and now I have a weird sorting like:

The hobbit collection

  • Hobbit 3
  • Hobbit 1
  • Hobbit 2
    (Just an example) this happens because the only way to have the folders first is by sort by title and this is the reason why all the correct sorting by filename now is sorting by title in a strange way.

Please have a look at the image I uploaded. It’s an example for the fast and furious collection. It makes no sense in this way…

Next example is that I have the movie “the accountant”. I am from Germany (sry for my bad English at this point) and I want the movie sorted at T because of “the accountant”. Now it’s sorted first at A because of “accountant”. This is only possible when I take the sort by Filename but then my folders aren’t on top.

I mean why was this changed? It make no sense.

And no, I don’t want the collections automatically shown by infuse with this option.

So please give us the option back as all the versions before till 6.x.x that we can sort by filename with folder first! Or give us the possibility to active “folders first” independent of the sorting of the files

There were several topics as mine now a few months ago but nobody from infuse team reacted on this. Very sad…

Best regards

Under the settings > General > Sort order what do you have selected?

Sort by title because this is the only option to get folders first.