Certain TV show not being recognized

The show killjoys is stuck in “other” in infuse. I have it named and structured like all of my other shows. (tv shows>series name>season#>episode file). The format for each episode file is S00E00 Episode Title.
Any ideas on why it is not being recognized?

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Have you tried naming the files “Killjoys S01E01.mkv”?

This format is working fine for me.

If you follow this format for TV shows it will grab the right without problems most of the time.

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So I just tried that and it solved the issue! Any reason why this show needed to be named this way but all of my other shows don’t?

Glad it helped!

All I can tell you is that when following the format I gave which is the first of the formats that are listed in the users guides it works best. It could be many reasons but I’ve just adopted this format and have had no issues except for the occasional series that TVDB has problems with.

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