Certain content playback makes Infuse largely unresponsive to controls

I have the new Apple TV 4k (2022 version) and I’ve tried playing about 10 different movies/shows from my local NFS share. Most of them play great but I’ve noticed that if I play 4k HDR movies, the movie plays fine but the app is often unresponsive to remote presses. I’ll hit pause multiple times and nothing will happen. I’ll try fast forwarding and nothing. I’ll try using the back button to exit playback and nothing. After about 30 button presses it might respond to one of them. I’ve tried on using three different remotes (Apple TV remote, TV remote via HDMI-CEC, and another remote I programmed to control the Apple TV), and they all had the same issue. Other files that are 1080p SDR do not seem to have this problem.

One example I’m trying to play is a ~20GB Dolby Atoms HDR10 with h265 codec (HDR 10-bit) in 4k resolution with 5.1ch E-AC-3 JOC @ 768 kb/s audio. The bitrate is 22Mb/s.

If I do a speed test in Infuse to that file I get a consistent 465 Mbps.

These HDR movies all play fine and have responsive controls when using Kodi on my 2015 Nvidia Shield TV.

It almost seems like that content playback is pegging the Apple TV resources so much that it can no longer properly respond to key events. But I have no idea how to confirm this.

Is this a known issue? Any advice?

I don’t have the 2022 model, but I’ve seen similar behaviour. I have found that setting the cache mode to memory only helps the performance issues, for the most part.

Worth trying if you have it set differently.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried setting cached mode to memory only but it didn’t seem to help.

I then tried deleting my learned remote and closing all open apps. And now it seems fine!

So perhaps doing the “Learn Remote” setup caused an issue with remote handling for all remotes in certain cases? Or there was some app running in the background that was creating issues?

Not sure, but I’m glad to see more responsive 4k HDR playback.

First, I’d recommend setting the cache back to Auto and also you can check in the ATV settings for background app refreshing. I have set mine to on and Infuse as the only one allowed so it can update in the background.

It could be other apps running in the background that may have caused it or it’s also possible that Infuse was trying to complete it’s scan of favorites and updating metadata along with syncing with iCloud in the background.

Glad you have it working now. :+1:

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