CEC problems - aTV 4K 2021

It seems, that latest aTV have better CEC functionality, so, direct off/on work correctly (previous models have problems like - when turn aTV on from iPhone and then try off aTV using siri remote, CEC dont send signal to TV to turn off and some next peoblems).

But it seems, that still have one problem. While I have paused watching in Infuse, or movie end and Infuse is on list, than aTV start after 2 mins screen saver and after 15min going to sleep, sometimes dont send CEC signal to turn off TV off.

It is problem with Infuse, or aTV?

It’d be the ATV since it’s gone to screen saver and then to sleep.

One thing to try is to make sure you unplug everything (TV, receiver, ATV)from AC power wait a couple of minutes and then plug everything back in. That’s the secret ritual that seems to clear up most CEC issues.

It’s definitely a TV problem, nothing to do with infuse and/or Apple.

Which TV do you have?
If it’s Sony Bravia make sure you install the latest TV firmare update. Even the older 4K model will work perfectly.

It’s definitely not o TV problem. Sony TV, LG TV and Samsung TV, same problem, with abou 6 cables from cheap to cables with price, that is bigger, then chines TV box :slight_smile: On internet you can find, that aTV have CEC problems years. As I wrote, now was problems with “direct” off problem solved. It seam, that only problem, that now is, is sending sleep CEC command while aTV going to sleep after screensaver (as I wrote, direct off working correctly). But, is is same CEC command, so, cant be problem of TVs.

Infuse does not perform any sleep commands so I assume it is just an issue with the Apple TV.

Yes, but sometimes (years ago I used CEC Adapter on Windows) can app make “something”, that brake OS (aTV) to work correctly. Thats, why asking.

CEC is handled by the OS. Apple limits what apps can do and keeps them within a sandbox. If you want more control over hardware functions you’re going to have to look at a different piece of hardware.