CBC.ca or CTV.ca Streaming Media?

Hey guys,

I am brand new to the ATV scene so you will have to forgive my ignorance. I have installed FlashATV on my ATV and now have access to all the menus and goodies associated with FlashATV. I am wondering if it is possible to stream media from CBC.ca and CTV.ca.

The one documentary that I would like to watch on my HDTV is Mugabe and the White African (http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/The_Passionate_Eye). It is a flash video and I have no idea how to get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


Unfortunately Adobe Flash has limited only support on the AppleTV. Adobe Flash would need to be enabled (as described here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Enable_Flash) and Adobe Flash videos will need to be viewed through Firefox (http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Install_Applications).

I guess the question is … does it work very well? I can’t test quite yet because I’m not at home …

It ‘works’ though not not very well unfortunately. Some videos can be rather choppy during playback. This is due to the limited power of the AppleTV.