Categories and Search functionality

A couple of things that would make Infuse a lot better would be a way of getting the metadata to create categories for Movies and TV shows.

Quite often when I feel like watching a movie I go in a continuos scroll trying to work out what I want to watch, it would be great if you could select “Comedy” category then your movies folder is filtered to display only movies in that genre from the metadata.

Also for the lazy, rather than scrolling through to find a particular movie you know you want to watch, it would be nice to be able to enter a search to jump straight to a file.


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Absolutely. +1
I am totally surprised that these essential functionalities are missing.


I love the categories idea. TV shows are already automatically grouped into seasons which is fantastic. I’d love to see this extended so that we can also have movies grouped by genre (comedy, horror) or by rating (R, PG13) or other meta data.

+1 for categories by genre or rating :slight_smile:

I’d love this option. Maybe even a few more search functionalities like Actor, Year or resolution?