Casting to Chromecast or using AirPlay, sound plays too fast

This condition has been plaguing me for almost a year.

Currently using Infuse Pro 6.5.4 (3348) on an iPhone 8. Every file I playback on the iPhone plays perfectly fine, which is awesome. Certain files however, when I send to a Chromecast or AppleTV (2 or 3), the sound plays super fast (sounds like chipmunks), video plays at normal speed, so it is unwatchable when this happens. When I try playing the same files using other media apps on my phone (like VLC ) to the same Chromecast and Apple Tvs, the sound plays fine. So by process of elimination, Infuse is not playing the file back properly but only when casting.

Its been driving me crazy!! I can’t narrow down the possible cause. I’ve tried disabling “5.1 Audio over AirPlay”, I’ve looked at the codecs and audio formats used between a working file and non-working file, and there are some difference, but when I try to make a new video file with the same working specs, the sound still plays fast.

Has anyone else out there experienced something similar, or am I the only one?

Thanks for the report!

Would you be able to send in one of these problematic videos we can test here?