Cast pictures not populating

Hello. Running infuse via iOS or apple tv cast member pictures are not populated on most movies and tv shows. Infuse access via smb thought would pull metadata online. Recently deleted all metadata and refreshed and still not populating. Any suggestions?

What version numbers of Infuse and OS would help.

Have you let Infuse complete the scans and fetching of metadata? You can check on the library settings page.

Which ones are populating? Are they from a different server?

What are you using as a server?

Hey. iOS 17 with version 7.6.1 Pro infuse. Files are stored on a truenas server. Yes, the refresh completed, took about an hour and half watching it refresh. Seems random on what it decides to get cast members for.

If you go to one of the movies that doesn’t have cast pics and do an edit metadata and reselect the correct movie to refresh the metadata does it then bring in the cast pics while you’re on the preplayback screen?

No it does not. Tried switching to .nfo, embedded and the correct metadata and search/selected correct, artwork for album went blank and came back with correct album artwork but cast is still blank pics. I did notice that probably 99 percent of the movies are missing approx 1200 total but a small folder with hallmark movies with only 6 titles all seem to populate the cast. Does not explain the tv shows though as there is 60 ish but maybe 3 populate cast pics.

If you are using NFO files, you will want to be sure they include an image link, or a ‘tmdbid’ tag for each person. Without these, Infuse would not be able to show cast artwork.

Removing the NFO files would also be an option and Infuse would fetch and display TMDB data.

An example NFO file can be found in this guide.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you leave “embedded” turned off unless you’re positive that your files have the correct metadata actually internal to the video files themselves.

So if Jellyfin creates an nfo when imported to the folder, infuse would use the nfo in the folder first instead of fetching correct?

Yes. Infuse will always use info from NFO files, if they are present.

Sweet, deleted all nfo files, had to delete metadata, doing a refresh now looks to be populating. Thanks all!


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