Cast/Crew Order - Director

Can we bring the movie director back to the fist position in the list of the cast?
The director being listed at the end, behind unknown actors doesn’t make sense.


Would it Make sense to have the director more prominent in the Cast view?


Hi all,
First of all – thanks for the great product. Got Infuse up and running on my Apple TV yesterday and am pretty impressed.
A suggestion coming from a film lover: I feel like the film director is pretty underrepresented in the display of metadata. You have to scroll all the way to the right of the cast to see him/her.
I was wondering if there would be a way / option to display them a bit more prominent (even on the top half near the genre and year)

Thanks for considering, have a great day!

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I asked the excellent people at FireCore about this, and was told that the information is presented in the same order as it would appear in a film’s credits.

It is true that, when credits are presented in a film, the list generally begins with (studio excluded) the lead actors, and invariably concludes with the director. They are not presented in order of importance, but rather the most important spots are the first and the last. I think the reason this non-linear system evolved may be that those two positions are in their way the most prominent in memory, while smaller roles and functions can get lost in the middle. The last credit, the directorial one, is most resonant of all, the final and lasting impression — and quite correctly, because the entire film, not just one role, is the director’s whole vision and creation.

However, an app and a film function quite differently in this regard. In a film, you are destined to see the entire list regardless, while in an app information is sought actively, and the most efficient path to the query’s solution is the best. Where a film’s credit can afford to be non-linear and suspenseful, leading ultimately to the auteur, an in-app setting benefits more from a linear presentation of the most important information. I have rarely consulted an Infuse cast list for the smallest roles in a film, yet I am forced to scroll past those small roles in order to answer the single most important question: who made this film? And that is a question I ask with every film I see.

IMDb lists in order: Director, Writer, actors. So, in fact, does OMDb. Rotten Tomatoes lists Director, Producer and Writer separate and above Cast and Crew. The Criterion Channel lists directors right alongside the title of each film. It just sort of makes sense.

So please, noble appMakers, show us the most important piece of information, the name of the person who made the film, first in the list!



No movement on this‽ Not making the director’s name immediately available is the same as leaving the author off the cover of a book.

Not all users place the importance in the director over the cast.


Maybe not all, but I would wager 95% or more would agree that the director, as auteur and creative force behind any film, is more important than anyone else, and certainly more than the minor players.

Show me another – seriously, any – film app or site where the director does not receive top billing. Listing the author after the characters doesn’t make any sense, which is why you won’t see it done that way anywhere else. This is not controversial.

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And yet only 6 people voted for it in almost two years.
I have no idea how you came up with a completely made up statistics of over 95% would prefer it.

It’s an awful idea.


First of all, there are several such threads, I was referred to this one from another on the same topic. And the 95% was being generous, because I’d reckon it closer to 99, allowing for the 1% who don’t understand that actors don’t make films; directors do.

But more importantly, putting the filmmaker’s credit first is an “awful idea”‽ When they award Best Picture – be it the Academy Awards, Cannes, Biennale, Berlinale, Bafta, you name it – does an actor go up and claim the prize? No, never: it’s the director, because it’s the director’s film. It’s the director’s work and vision and project. The actors are entirely secondary, and carry out the director’s vision.

And literally every other place you can look: IMDb, Tomatoes, Criterion, Netflix: they always list the director first. Because it’s the director’s film.

Pick a movie and look it up in wikipedia. Is the cast mentioned first? No, never: it’s always the director. And always in the very first line. Because it’s the director’s film.

And so yes, I do think it’s a good idea for Infuse, like every other app and site in the whole world, to tell us, first and foremost, before the actors and the sound engineers, who made this film. Basic, and truly, not controversial.

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Infuse it not a website it’s a media player so it’s irrelevant .
So you want it to be like Emby isn’t, Jellyfin isn’t, Plex isn’t Kodi isn’t and MrMC isn’t.

Who knew the devs of pretty much every mainstream media player in existence were doing in wrong and upsetting 99% of their users.

In my world, Plex, Jellyfin, Kodi and Emby all show me the director up top, and the cast down below. Jellyfin screenshot attached. And Netflix and Criterion are indeed media players, I wasn’t referring to their websites.

Not sure why you’re taking this so hard, it really would, as the original poster said, “make sense”

While I support your request … and would also like to see a film’s director(s) listed first, I can’t agree that your numbers supporting my view and yours as the majority opinion aren’t pulled fully out of thin air.

The Academy Award for Best Picture is not awarded to, nor accepted by, the film’s director. The award goes to the film’s producer(s) — who paid for the thing, and hired the director.

Directors are recognized by the completely separate Academy Award for Best Director.

That said, film directors are often among the first persons outside their families whom winning producers will thank in their award acceptance speeches; I’ll grant you that.

Not all directors yield as much power over their pictures as those with big name recognition in their field. Relatively few are granted full control of their film’s budgets, shooting schedules, casting, and final cut.

Agreed and thank you for the clarification. But the point remains: listing the Director at the very end of the cast list, where you have to go scrolling for it, is not appropriate.

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We originally had the Director listed first, but based on the feedback we received it was clear most people preferred seeing the cast listed first.

For example, if you think of the Mission Impossible or Fast and Furious franchises - I’m guessing the first name that comes to mind isn’t the director.

There are of course exceptions with some directors, but more often than not these names are not familiar to people and as a result it feels out of place having them listed first.

The current order in Infuse follows that which you would typically see on a film’s pre-roll credits: Cast, Producers, Writers, Director.


I appreciate your explanation, but the reason that the director comes last in a film’s opening credits is that the final billing forms the most lasting impression, and is therefore, paradoxically, the top spot. As such, this position for directors is actually cemented in place by fixed agreement with the Director’s Guild of America.

But this only holds true for sequential titles at the beginning of a film, where the audience is forced to sit through them in anticipation of the coming film. In closing credits, the director comes first, because most people get up and leave the cinema before the end of the credits.

Fact remains, we shouldn’t have to scroll over the most minor cast and crew members to find out who made the film we’re watching. There’s usually only one director; not much to scroll past to see the list of actors.

Also just to note, from your example of the Mission Impossible franchise: J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird, Brian De Palma… these names are huge.

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I had suggested previously that perhaps a swipe to the left would loop the credits so that you would see the directors and writers without a lot of scrolling to the right. I know this is just a compromise, and perhaps it is not following standard apple UI guidelines, but might help some.

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I could live with that. Also, in the pull-down info panel during film play, the director and year would be useful.

Hi, I’m a satisfied user of Infuse on my two aTVs, it would be fine to allow sorting the movies in compliance with a directors. Apologies if I’m not the first one who has the same idea… ?

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It’s kind of strange that I need to scroll through the list of all the actors underneath a movie to eventually find the director. I think they should be listed on the info page for a film above the summary. I also think the director should be visible in the swipe down menu when you’re watching a movie. Here’s an example of how the Plex app handles this.


Agree! I use Infuse every day, and every day I go through this!

The filmmaker should always come before the cast!