Cast/crew cross search in Direct Mode

When I tap on an actor in Direct Mode (Jellyfin) it just displays “Empty Folder” but in Library mode it will give me a list of Movies/TV shows that actor is in.


Cast/crew cross-search is in progress for the 7.7.2 update.


This is available in today’s 7.7.2 update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have noticed that the cast/crew cross search in direct mode is extremely slow to load the content. Is this something that is being worked on to improve?

Since Infuse is pulling these lists directly from the server, the loading speed will depend on your network speed and server location. It feels pretty fast for me here when testing both local and remote servers.

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Quick on my end, even on WAN!! Thanks for all the hard work!

That’s odd. Very slow here. Remote share. See attached.

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