Cast and crew is broken after latest update (7.5)

Hi, as the title says, cast and crew doesn’t work as it is supposed to, after latest update 7.5. Before the update I could click on any actor and get a overview over all movies in my collection with that chosen actor. I have more than 20 Sylvester Stallone movies in my collection. But when i click on the movie Rocky Balboa and then click on actor Sylvester Stallone, infuse will only show Rocky Balboa as the only movie in my collection. If i search and find another Stallone movie, let’s say Demolition Man, and then click on that movie, and then click on Sylvester Stallone in cast and crew, then the result will show me that I have two Stallone movies in my collection: Demolition Man and Rocky Balboa. In other words Infuse will only show me movies that have clicked on, none of the other 20 Stallone movies I have.
And one more thing, before the update, cast an crew info for each movie would show the lead actors listed first and supporting actors would appear later. Now random supporting players who played a bartender or a fireman in only one scene is listed first in the credits while lead actor Sylvester Stallone may be listed randomly as actor number 10. Hope you guys can fix this soon.

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