Cast and Crew information missing

Using 7.3.3 on Apple TV, with Emby as the media server.

Cast and crew entries seem sporadic at best. The cast and crew information does not auto-populate; before a library item is selected, the cast and crew information doesn’t populate at all.

As an example, three films in a library, The 13th Warrior, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, and Mask of Zorro all star Antonio Banderas. After first importing the library to Infuse, opening The 13th Warrior and selecting Antonio Banderas’s cast and crew entry will show The 13th Warrior as the only film starring Banderas in the library. Navigating to either of the other films will then add that film as an entry for Banderas.

This is a slog, manually navigating through every entry in a library and waiting for the cast and crew information to be retrieved to populate entries for each listed member of cast and crew.

This is pretty bad, but to make things worse, this data doesn’t persist. Some time after completing the manual navigation to every library item described above, selecting Antonio Banderas’s cast and crew entry from The 13th Warrior will again show this film as the only film starring Banderas in the library.

The cast and crew data available on the Emby server is complete, and correctly links cast and crew to each item in the library.

Has Infuse completed it’s initial scan of your Emby server? You can check the progress in Infuse > Settings Library. If complete, it will say something like ‘Last Update XXX’.

Also, if you haven’t already installed InfuseSync on your Emby server I would recommend doing that (a server restart will be required). With this installed, Infuse will be able to get updates from the server much faster.

Same problem for me with plex server

The Infuse plugin is running on the Emby server, and Infuse has completed the scan of the library.

I’ve encountered three other fairly significant problems with 7.3.3

I’ve noticed is collections randomly stop working, preventing items from being grouped. Disabling and reenabling collections causes collections to correctly populate, but at an unpredictable interval, collections will again fail when browsing all movies, or selecting collections from the library entry (no collections found). Navigating to the server entry does allow collections to be accessed.

Another problem, Infuse fails to find all seasons of some television series in the library. Sometimes it will generate two series entries for the same series, with some seasons placed in the alternate series. Disabling and reenabling television series in settings removes the duplicate series entry, but prevents all seasons from being listed. As an example, in my library Ozark was split into two different Ozark series, Seasons 1-3 and Season 4. Disabling and reenabling television series removed the Season 4 duplicate series, but now Season 4 of Ozark is no longer available through Infuse’s television or library entries.

The third significant problem I’ve encountered is audio playback. When playing audio to any ARC device, audio will drop, randomly, for approximately 1/10th of a second roughly twice per hour of playback. This is consistent across files of any length, regardless of encoding; a three hour film will have 6 audio drops, a 30 minute television episode will have 1 drop, which can occur any time during playback. Changing settings in Infuse or on the Apple TV does not impact this behavior. Playing audio back from optical out, RCA, or Bluetooth devices, connected either to the Apple TV or a television’s Bluetooth output, does not exhibit the same problem.

None of these above problems occurred with 6.7, although 6.7 exhibited unusable stuttering with HEVC playback following the tvOS 15 update, and 6.7 also randomly started to fail display poster and thumbnail artwork, which I was unable to resolve.

After some investigation, I was able to resolve the duplicate and missing television series problem.

The television series exhibiting the undesired behavior were stored across multiple drives, with each folder using the correct naming convention. With seasons of a series spread across different drives, each drive’s series folder generated a new identically named series. Disabling and reenabling television series prevented infuse from seeing any folder which did not contain season one of a series. Moving all seasons of a series to the same drive and deleting and redownloading metadata from the Emby server corrected the issue, showing all seasons for the series in question and preventing the creation of duplicate series.

This was unexpected behavior; Emby is unaffected by folder structures spanning multiple drives or sources, as long as naming conventions are coherent, and I had expected Infuse to blindly accept the Emby server’s structuring without being effected by the (presumed) hidden folder structure feeding the Emby server.

I was also (evidently) able to resolve the cast and crew missing information problem. Deleting the 6.7 version of Infuse from the Apple TV, followed by deleting and restoring metadata, caused the cast and crew information to correctly auto-populate. So far, it seems to also be persisting. Deleting and restoring metadata alone did not resolve the issue; I’m not sure if this was some weird edge-case with Apple TV, or if it was coincidental that cast and crew information correctly populated only after deleting 6.7 from the device. After deleting 6.7 from the device, the reported size of metadata in 7.3.3 was significantly smaller. Looking through recent logs from the Emby server, I didn’t see any calls from the installed 6.7 version, so it doesn’t seem to be a client/server issue.

After taking the above steps, I didn’t notice any problems with collections, although it’s only been a few hours, and the failure of collections to properly group has occurred intermittently with a frequency of multiple days between issues, so time will tell if the problem has been resolved.

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