Cast and Crew from correct episode

The cast and crew for episodes seems to be a complete mystery to me. I’ve looked at a couple series so far with the same result.

Compared with TMDb:
It does not match specific episode cast.
It does not match specific “Season Regulars”
It does not match “Series Cast”
It seems to more closely resemble the final season but not completely.

Can we get this fixed? Ideally have everyone from the episode including guest stars.

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Can you provide a specific example you are seeing?

Sure. This is the current episode I am on
Little house on the prairie S05E18.

But as I look through all my other shows just at the first season it is picking up people only showing up in later seasons.

Hi James this is still an issue with every show I’ve seen. From what I can tell, it is returning the final season’s cast along with the correct guest stars for the episode instead of the current season cast. Is this an TMDb API problem or an infuse problem?


I’ve reported this previously as well.

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