Cartoons in separate folder - how to stop them showing up with all other movies

Any way to have a separate home screen icon for the cartoons? I have a lot, and they clutter up the Movies folder?

Have them in a favorite that is not checked for the library should work.

Just have them in a separate folder in the share and then uncheck that folder.

Perfect, thanks. Another question - Any way to remove Recently Added from Home Screen on Apple TV?

If you’re talking about the Recently added TV and recently added Movies just go to Library > TV Shows and there’s a start next to recently added. Just long press on that and select “Remove from Home Screen” then do the same for movies.

… and if you mean from the Up Next list on the Apple TV’s Home Screen, there’s a settings toggle in the Infuse settings to have that include “Watching” & “Recently Added” or just one of those, or none of those.

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