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Possibly for the Mac version only: the screenshot hotkey, which would basically capture the current frame and save it in the pre-configured folder, with optional setting to include or exclude the subtitles.


Although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of being able to decide if you want the subtitles, the built in Apple screen cap on the Mac works great with Infuse.

CMD+SHIFT+4+SPACE will give you a camera cursor that you can click on the window you want a screen cap of and it will save it to the desktop.

Is it possible to save a screenshot from within the Infuse app? I know I can use the macOS screenshot feature to screenshot the window, but in case the video is higher res than the window can show, it would be nice to have Infuse save the screenshot on its own. (Also would be nice to get it without the window chrome, black bars, etc.)


Not at this time but I moved this to the suggestions forum so others could add their support if they also want this.

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Although macOS screenshot utility is super cool, it seems there is no way to take an HDR screenshot. If someone knows, please please share ! (ffmpeg or mpv can but good luck finding the right cmd line option, in most cases colours are really de-saturated).

It would be awesome if Infuse would implement a proper screenshot capability that is capable of storing HDR details (with the proper image format) :pray:

Here’s an HDR10 video sample from NF, take a screenshot using macOS cmd-shift-3 and compare to what Infuse Pro is displaying. An easy still in this video is at 00:02:52.873 that demonstrates this.

With Infuse, you can clearly see the sun rays as well some flares, with macOS screenshot it is entirely clipped or shows absolutely no details.

P1 - iPhone X photo of MBP Infuse (HDR)

P2 - macOS screenshot of Infuse

Hope infuse can support HDR screenshot

ISO HDR Image support

the image file type support HDR

Ios/Ipados 17 and macOS 14 now can view the HDR image heic heir avif jpeg-xl exr hdr png

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I moved your post to a currently running request for this feature.

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