Can't use SMB anymore

I’ve been using Infuse for more then 2 years now, and for the most of the time theres been no problems.

A time ago I started to experience some randomly occurring problems with the loading of big files on SMB. See this post: Infuse suddenly startet loading endless on some movies
The problems did not disappear, but it was rarely.

Now I can’t use SMB at all. Whenever i’m trying to play a file Infuse comes with: “an error occurred loading this content”. I tried to remove the SMB share, and reinstall it, but the error just shows up doing the setup.

I can use the UpNP setup without any kind of problems.

What is happening…?

Windows workstation hosting the file? If so I’d recommend checking windows event viewer.

Nope, the files are hosted by a Seagate PersonalCloud Harddrive. Thats running some kind of Linux

It should have log files on the device that you can view. If the NAS has any sort of ip blocking or firewall/security software try disabling that.

I’ve to admit that SMB have always been a real pain with Infuse.
Two years ago, we were already discussing those connections issue right here on the forum.

Today, I’ve tried again:
• Fresh new install of Infuse 6
• SMB running (and working cause I’m using it every day to work) on my Mac mini macOS server.
• Infuse won’t connect, ever.
• (from Readdle), do connect…
• SMB is the one protocol I would like to use. Simple:

  • Apple has no FTP server by default, security is soso
  • Apple have dropped WebDAV UI
  • NFS and SFTP need much intensive setup to avoid anyone browsing the complete server drive = security concern
  • this leave us with SMB, on macOS.
    • Please note that Infuse v5 is providing an option to select what SMB version to use, and I can access my server with SMB1
    • So unless this feature is hidden somewhere, looks like we have a regression here.

Settings > Shares > Saved Shares (Select the share you want to set SMB version on) > Edit Share > Advanced > Select SMB version you want > Save


Oh boy, it was there, but still non visible to my eyes.
Not sure we are following Apple’s Guidelines here, since texts on grey area are more maint for labelling.
Anyway, it worked! Thanks you Bullseye.

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