Cant use over cellular

hello for the life of me ive never been able to access my content over cellular, only when im connected over same wifi

A bit more info would help.
Are your files located on a local server or on a cloud service?
If a local server, does it have access from outside your LAN set up?
Does Infuse have access via cellular set in the phone preferences or only over WiFi?
What version number of Infuse?
What version number of iOS?
What kind of devices? iPhone, iPad? Model?
If you’re using a local server what kind? PC, NAS, Mac? OS?

Also you may want to read through the users guide for remote streaming.

files are on my mac pro hard drive on the latest macos, and my computer is connected the the isp router wired so no connection issues there, when i try to access and play a movie on the infuse iphone app it just doesnt work. and ive gone through all settings cant make it work, also the mac computer is set to share so no permission issues, and the share is set up on also the apple tv latest 4K on latest TVos as SMB . and still cannot connect to media over iphone infuse app when im not on the local WAN/LAN no issues. only when trying to access from outside my own network

You will need all sorts of things setting up, like holes punched in your routers firewall, a dynamic DNS name to make life easier, additional setup in Infuse. This will not “just work” over cellular regardless of how good your connectivity is. The fastest way to make this work would prob be to install Plex server as that does all the hard work for you, then use Infuse for playback.

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well i think the software designers should look at this issue and make it just work as plex has no issues, air video has no issues, that JUST WORKS.

making remote access difficult for users is just silly

It’s not the developers fault you don’t know how to set it up. Mine works just fine, It’s also not silly, because opening up your files / access to the internet comes with lots of security concerns. Plex gets around this by running a server process on your NAS / Storage device and making an outbound connection to the service. This is a lot of extra effort and cost for the developer, which is a niche area that not everyone needs.

Are you just trying to use Infuse on you local network with an iphone or are you trying to connect to your server while away from home with your iPhone?

Again, answering the above asked questions in my first post may help us help you.

After rereading your post it sounds like your trying to connect via cell from outside your network. As @Plasma was trying to explain, you’ll need to adjust the router to allow connections from outside your network along with other changes most likely.

Did you read the users guide I linked to above? That will give you an idea of what is needed to allow access to your library.