Can't use AirVideoEnabler iwth aTV?


I have an Ipad with Cydia and AirVideoEnabler installed wich should allow me to stream video from Safari and other apps on the ipad to my aTV (1st gen)

But I get the message "The format was not recognized" when trying to use it. The only Airplay that works is if I run it from Itunes or the "Videos"-app on the Ipad, if I for example use Safari, I get the option to play it on my appletv, but then I get the above error message. Can this be a problem caused by aTV flash?

I have seen a lot of people on forums, that have gotten this to work on their aTVs...

Info on AirVideoEnabler:


List of confirmed working applications (none work for me):


Very thankful for any help in this matter, 



Any luck with this Joel?  I am experiencing something similar.


I fear the solution is to go to iOS 4.3 on the Apple TV.  This will allow Airplay to work on any third party app, that has it enabled.  Of course this wreacks the jailbreak on ATV2 with the older 4.2.1 iOS.


the AirVideoEnabler app from Cydia will crash after about ten seconds of video play.