Can't update to Apple version 2.3

I currently have atvflash 3.1 installed with Apple tv version 2.1 I’ve created my patchstick following instructions for ATVflash 3.5 and am ready to update my ATV but when I go to Settings-General-Update Software, I get an message that says
“There is no update available - Apple TV can’t check right now. Try again later.” I’ve tried 3 times over the past hour with no luck.
I can surf with Courch surfer so connectivity doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Should I wait and try again later / tomorrow? If ATVflash 3.5 will work with AppleTV 2.1, please let me know.


You must have checked the box to block automatic updates when you created the 3.1 patch. The only way to fix it is to create the new atvflash without the check box checked for automatic updates, run the patch on the Apple TV, update the Apple TV, and then re-patch it after the update. This is of course rather than restoring the Apple TV which makes you loose all the music and movies on it. In the newer version of atvflash there is a maintenance menu option to allow and disallow automatic updates, but it was not in atvflash 3.1.

Thanks a bunch. I am running the Windows version of ATV 3.5 and don’t remember any kind of a maintenance option. I’ll generate it again and look closely.

i was thinking my only option was a factory reset and then to update to Apple tv 2.3. Do you mean I can upgrade from ATVflash 3.1 to ATVflash 3.5 without a factory reset?

By the way, I just finished the latest of your podcasts. They are great! I know a few people who are pretty savvy about these things, and if I could help, I would love to help contribute to its success.

Thanks for your thought in advance

Yep sure enough, I didn’t see any options for maintenance. I’ll plan to do a factory reset and upgrade tomorrow.

Can one of good folks here at ATVflash confirm this?

Thanks again,

You don’t have to do a restore. You can create the 3.5 patch and apply it to the Apple TV. Just be sure when you create the patch not to check the box for disable auto update. Since you uncheck that, when the Apple TV is patched again, you will be able to update the Apple TV to 2.3. Once the Apple TV is up to 2.3, just re-run the 3.5 patch. I hope I am clear in the instructions.

Yep the instructions are clear. I just don’t recall seeing a maintenance option when I created the patchstick. I will have another chance tomorrow night to try again. I am using the winXP version of ATVFlash 3.1 and don’t see a maintenance option during the patchstick creation process.

Thanks again, will let you know.

Site owners - did I miss this? Is there a maintenance option on the winXP version of ATVflash 3.5?


The Windows version will install a complete copy of aTV Flash with all plugins.

Unfortunately if you are running the 3.1 software, you will need to perform a factory restore. The 3.2+ versions are very different and not compatible with the 3.1 version.


Thanks much for a great product and professional support. I have experienced a lot of the patch sites, and most don’t compare to an organized site like this or the level of professionalism here.

Should I see an option to toggle maintenance on or off during the installation process?


Thanks :slight_smile:

The Windows version does not have a toggle switch for Maintenance. It will be included no matter what.

I have a similar problem… I am using Apple TV v2.1 and ATV Flash v3.3.1. I’d like to update to 2.4 and 3.6.1 respectively but unfortunately I don’t know of any way that I can update my Apple TV from 2.1 to 2.4 without doing a factory restore since I don’t have the ‘Maintenance’ menu and I turned off ‘Auto-Update’. I tried re-creating the 3.3.1 patchstick and enabling the ‘Maintenance’ menu but it won’t let me create the patchstick as the version is too old.

Do you guys have any answers to this problem? Is my only option to do a factory restore?


You should be able to create the 3.6.1 patch and repatch Apple TV 2.1. Make sure to not check the box to disable auto-updates. Once you do that and patch the Apple TV, you should be able to run the update and then patch the Apple TV again after the update finishes.

That worked beautifully. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply!