Can't update my ATV2 from 5.0.1 to new version no matter what I try!

I have jailbroken Apple TV2 running iOS 5.0.1 (4224). I Jailbroke this a while ago using Firecore (aTV Flash black 2.1) and haven’t really done anything with the jailbreak in a long time. The ATV2 works fine and I use it without any issues. Now, I’d like to update to the new firmware version, but no matter what I try, I can’t seem to.

So far, I have tried:

1.) Going to settings > General > Update Software
It says “Your Apple TV is up to date.”

2.) Going to Settings > General > Reset. Then I select the option to Restore.
It says “Apple TV can’t download the latest update right now. Try again later.”

I tried #1, and #2 with both a wireless and wired internet connection. Same results with both.

3.) I then tried using a micro USB cable connected directly from the ATV2 to my MacBook. I could not get iTunes to recognize the ATV2 was connected. It didn’t show in iTunes. I even found a YouTube Video where the YouTuber suggests disconnecting the power and holding Menu and the down arrow to get iTunes to recognize the ATV2. That didn’t work either.

I haven’t tried anything with SSH, but I do have CyberDuck on my MacBook and can connect to my ATV2 via Cyberduck. I just wouldn’t know what to do, so if you have any suggestions using Cyberduck, please be as detailed in your advice as possible :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions? 

I have the same problem except mine is version 5.0.2! I’ve tried everything you did plus SSH and had no luck with that. I cant even unintsall nito or xbmc.

You cannot do an in-situ update of a jailbroken ATV2 to a new firmware version. The only way to update such systems to a new firmware version is to redo the jailbreak with a later version of SeasonPass.

Can’t I just update the Apple TV software and then jailbreak it with that version?

Not quite sure what you are trying to say? You can update the ATV2 to a later (not jailbroken) firmware version by doing a restore in iTunes. However if you want a jailbroken system this step is unnecessary - simply run the latest SeaonPass (version 0.9.5) to get an untethered 5.3 jailbroken system.

What you cannot do with a jailbroken system is update the firmware directly on the ATV2 without involving iTunes or SeasonPass.

iTunes doesn’t even recognize a ATV2 when I plug it in. So if I go into SeasonPass and run it’s latest version it’ll update my ATV2 to 5.3 as well? Mine is at 5.0.2 right now. Sorry this is new to me and I can’t figure it out.

Yes - that is what should happen.

However it is worrying that iTunes does not recognise your ATV2 when it is plugged in. Despite the fact that you no longer use iTunes as part of the jailbreak process it should still recognise your ATV2. This suggests that you might have some other issue (bad micro USB cable, bad USB port etc) that may stop the jailbreak working.

iTunes completely took a crap on me with their most recent update. When I first plugged ATV2 in it requested the most recent so I tried to download but got errors and it won’t open at all. I thought iTunes was needed in order to use Seas0npass? Or is that the older versions that require an iTunes connection? I guess I could try a different laptop if so and if not just hope Seas0nPass does the trick.

Older versions of SeasonPass used iTunes to do the restore. The latest SeasonPass does not. However I think that you need to have iTunes installed on the machine to have the relevant USB drivers present.

Alright I do remember when I plugged it in the drivers were installed successfully. But that could be different now that iTunes got screwed up. I’ll have to give it a shot later.

I have a similar situation with my ATV2 on 5.0.1. (4224).

Tried to update the software using the newest version of SeasonPass - the process was successful but I am still left with 5.0.1. I have no iTunes problems.

I must admit I have not messed around with SeasonPass for a long time. Any suggestions to what I should do? Thanks!

Seasonpass should have created a “.ipsw” file (it will have _SP in the name and be dated properly). You can try putting the ATV into DFU mode through iREB, start itunes and when it says there’s a device in need of recovery, you hold SHIFT+RESTORE and do a search for that created .ipsw file.