Cant stop metadata renaming for certain files

I’ve ripped a bunch of featurettes from The movie Galaxy Quest. The files are named like this: “Historical Documents - The Story of Galaxy Quest.mkv” for instance. The parent folder is “Galaxy Quest featurettes” and is on a share that is not added to the library. When I access this folder from the files section in Infuse all the individual videofiles get the name “Galaxy Quest” and nothing else. This makes it impossible to set the featurettes apart.The only workaround is to enable the setting “Show filenames” in settings. But then the file extension is shown for all files in the files section which isn’t desired behaviour. Any idea why the name Galaxy Quest gets automatically parsed for my files? I have other featurettes from other movies that don’t exhibit this behaviour and they are also in folders named after the movies they are from.

It sounds like Infuse may be pulling in some embedded info from these files.

There are a few ways to adjust MKV metadata, and some helpful info can be found here.

Thx a lot, that did the trick?. Fixed the surplus metadata easily with mkvtoolnix from ur link

Awesome! :smiley:

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