Can't ssh into ATV2 anymore

So, I was trying to edit the bookmarks plist file using Filezilla, because I couldn’t do it via the AppleTV 2 via the remote. I was able to get in and change some things, but now, out of the blue I can’t access the ATV2 remotely anymore. I can’t get in using Filezilla or Putty.

Nothing seems to work. I read online that sometimes jailbroken ATV2’s exhibit this behavior. Is that true? Is there something I can do to fix it? Do I have to re-jailbreak it then re-install ATVFlash?

I even tried to re-install ATVFlash and that isn’t working. The ATVFlash install app doesn’t recognize the ATV2 on my network. When I manually input the IP address it still can’t get into the device to re-install ATVFlash.

I’m worried that I’ll have to jailbreak it again and lose all my settings and installed apps…

Is there something I can do to fix this issue without re-jailbreaking? :frowning: