Can't SSH after 5.0.1 jailbreak

Firstly thanks for the awesome work and speedy update.


I’m experiencing a weird issue.I downloaded the latest seas0npass. It did the custom ipsw restore without issues.
Joined it to my wireless network and rebooted. Now for some reason I can’t SSH in. “Connection was closed” in putty before the prompt!


Shall I try run seas0npass again?



It might be worth re-checking your network settings first at the ATV2 end? If the FireCore logo is showing up after the jailbreak then that indicates success and it is unlikely that doing it again will change anything. Also, if using ssh ithe SSL security certificate has changed after the re-jailbreak so you need to make sure that is not upsetting putty.

There is no Firecore logo at all…Only the 2 default icons “Computers” and “Settings” so I assume it’s not jailbroken? That is odd considering the restore in Seas0nPass is automated. Let me try Seas0nPass again.

If you have only 2 icons you are not connected to the internet/network.

Yip I assume the jailbreak failed at the first attempt some how. I have just re-run Seas0nPass the restore completed and I could see the settings icon for Firecore is there and I can immediately SSH into my ATV2.